Parker Wetlands Conservation Committee


Who are we?

We are a group of local residents concerned with the preservation of the Parker wetlands and Aspen forest located within north Fort Garry in Winnipeg, Canada.
Our immediate concern is the second leg of Rapid Transit (RT) that is being planned without proper investigation and consideration of the environmental concerns.

The RT line that is currently being planned would run through a parcel of prairie that is possibly tall grass prairie, a provincially endangered ecosystem.
Any construction on the site could unintentionally drain and therefore destroy the entire area.

What are the Parker lands?

The Parker lands consist of three defined areas based on a Natural Heritage Assessment of Grade A Aspen Parkland, Grade B Grasslands and Grade B Aspen Forest.
Tall grass prairie in southern Manitoba supports over 150 species of plants including several species of orchids which are very rare and classified as endangered and protected.
Based on the results of vegetation surveys conducted in 1995 and 2002 of Parker Site 3 (grasslands), as well as landscape and drainage features of the area, there is good reason to believe this parcel of prairie could be tallgrass prairie. Since it is a natural wet meadow, it holds surface runoff and helps reduce flooding and riverbank erosion.

What do we want?

  • Suspension of all plans to develop the Parker lands followed by adequate, transparent and meaningful consultation between City Hall, private landowners and all stakeholders, including community members.
  • A current, comprehensive, third-party environmental study of the Parker Lands.
  • An impact study of development on the wetlands and Aspen forest.
  • An adequate study of current ridership and projections for future ridership regarding all options for the second leg of Rapid Transit.



Where are the Parker lands?



What can I do?

  • Call, email or write to City Councilors (see contact information on the right)
  • Sign the petition
  • Volunteer to assist or join the committee
  • Spread the word and increase support throughout Winnipeg and beyond

Why should I bother?

  • Urban wetlands play a vital role in promoting and maintaining the health of its surrounding communities by providing clean water and fresh air.
  • Wetlands are a natural filtration system that collect melt and rain water to release it slowly into the water table, which minimizes flooding.
  • The Parker wetlands are currently home to deer, fox, owls, hawks, northern shrikes, frogs and many more uncategorized plants and animals.
  • The Brenda Leipsic off-leash dog park is located on a significant portion of the site and is used by hundreds of people every week, and most use it every day.
  • Parker lands provide opportunities to learn about nature, meditate, hike and stroll all year-round, snowshoe and ski in the winter, all within walking distance of many urban communities.

Visuals of Rapid Transit Options:

Option 1B

Option 2


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